Clean, De-Clutter, De-Personalize & Organize for a Quick Sell

Posted by Grady Beck // May 1, 2018 // Sell A House // Cleaning / De-oderize / De-Personalize / Declutter / Home Improvement

When selling your home, appearance is everything. Nothing turns off a potential homebuyer faster than grimy bathrooms, or oily kitchens; therefore, your home is not market ready until you have cleaned, de-cluttered, de-personalized and organized until it sparkles and shines. Gather boxes and a felt market to begin to sort your items. Label the different […]

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Posted by Grady Beck // August 16, 2016 // Sell A House // Cleaning / Paint / Selling / Staging

Pricing a home for sale is delicate as homes priced too high don’t sell, and homes priced too low bring seller regret as they can sell the first hours of being placed on the market. While pricing your Palm Springs home competitively is important, there are ways to maximize your sales price. Have a look. […]

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