What Are the Best Home Improvements for Top Dollar?

Posted by Grady Beck // June 7, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House // Bathroom / Decks / Home Improvement / Kitchen / Paint / Remodel / Renovations / Siding / Window Replacement

Some home improvements yield a higher return on investment than others, and before you remodel your home for comfort or resell you should consider the value the improvement will add to your home. Paint A fresh coat of paint is about one of the best home improvements and a high return on investment. In fact, […]

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What are the Costs at Closing?

Posted by Grady Beck // May 31, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Sell A House // Buyer / Closing / Closing Cost / Closing Costs / Seller

Both buyers and sellers are responsible for costs incurred at the closing of a property. If this is your first real estate transaction, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with what you will be responsible for paying at closing. Buyer There are more costs to the buyer; however, they usually pay less than the seller. Early […]

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Finding Your Dream Coachella Valley Neighborhood

Posted by Grady Beck // May 14, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House // Amenities / Commute / Lifestyle / Realtor

Your first step in finding your dream Coachella Valley neighborhood is to get pre-approved for a loan. Being pre-approved allows you to know the amount of home you can shop for, eliminating homes priced out of your buying range, while not missing homes you thought were. Work with a Realtor When viewing Coachella Valley homes […]

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How Paint Influences Your Mood

Posted by Grady Beck // May 7, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Sell A House // Emotions / Home Improvement / Mood / Paint

Knowing how colors influences the personalities and moods of potential home buyers can be a selling tool when selling your Coachella Valley home. Wise choices in colors can set the scene for a buying mood. Colors have three basic ways in which they behave- passive, active and neutral. Light colors are airy and expansive, giving […]

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Clean, De-Clutter, De-Personalize & Organize for a Quick Sell

Posted by Grady Beck // May 1, 2018 // Sell A House // Cleaning / De-oderize / De-Personalize / Declutter / Home Improvement

When selling your home, appearance is everything. Nothing turns off a potential homebuyer faster than grimy bathrooms, or oily kitchens; therefore, your home is not market ready until you have cleaned, de-cluttered, de-personalized and organized until it sparkles and shines. Gather boxes and a felt market to begin to sort your items. Label the different […]

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Loan Modifications Up, Foreclosures and Short Sales Down

Posted by Grady Beck // August 16, 2016 // Blog / Sell A House // Distressed Property / Distressed Seller / Foreclosure / Loan Modification / Sell / Seller / Selling / Short Sale

According to data from Housing Wire, loan modifications are on the rise while foreclosures and short sales have dropped. The data collected shows approved loan modification stats between April and June totaled 204K. In the second quarter, stats show 81K short sales approved. When compared to the first quarter, we see a decline in approved […]

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Flipping California Properties on the Rise

Posted by Grady Beck // August 16, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Investing / Sell A House // Fix n Flip / Flipping / Invest / Investing / Investors / rehab / Rehabbing

Recent market reports show that flipping California condo conversions is on the rise, something we really haven’t seen since 2006. In recent years, condo conversions have been pretty controversial, and mostly seen among high profile investors and musicians who convert the buildings back to rentals. One reason for the increase in condo conversions is inventory […]

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Coachella’s Real Estate

Posted by Grady Beck // August 16, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Investing / Lease A House / Sell A House // Coachella

Coachella’s real estate market trends for September continue to show a favorable market. Inventories decreased sharply on a month to month basis while the median listing price stayed the same. Overall, current trends look good in many areas, with the exception of an increase of foreclosures on the market. Let’s take a closer look on […]

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Is It Too Late to Save My Home from Foreclosure?

Posted by Grady Beck // August 16, 2016 // Blog / Sell A House // Distressed Property / Distressed Seller / Foreclosure / Loan Modification / Quick Sale / ReFinance / Sell / Seller / Selling / Short Sale

Once you’ve received a notice of default, the foreclosure process has begun, and you may find your foreclosure options are not as great as you would have hoped. Immediate response is essential whether you’ve just received the notice or if you are a homeowner who is a few days from foreclosure auction. Foreclosure has a […]

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Creating a La Quinta Flipping System That Works for You While You Are on Vacation

Posted by Grady Beck // August 16, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Investing / Sell A House // Flipping / Invest / Investing / Investors / La Quinta

Current housing inventory in La Quinta is at 516 homes on the market with 2 percent of these homes being distressed properties, making a fair opportunity for investors. Developing a system for a smooth flipping operation will have you maximizing profits and enjoying the advantage of time away. Flipping houses in La Quinta is an […]

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