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What Are the Best Home Improvements for Top Dollar?

Posted by Grady Beck // June 7, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House // Bathroom / Decks / Home Improvement / Kitchen / Paint / Remodel / Renovations / Siding / Window Replacement

Some home improvements yield a higher return on investment than others, and before you remodel your home for comfort or resell you should consider the value the improvement will add to your home. Paint A fresh coat of paint is about one of the best home improvements and a high return on investment. In fact, […]

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How Paint Influences Your Mood

Posted by Grady Beck // May 7, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Sell A House // Emotions / Home Improvement / Mood / Paint

Knowing how colors influences the personalities and moods of potential home buyers can be a selling tool when selling your Coachella Valley home. Wise choices in colors can set the scene for a buying mood. Colors have three basic ways in which they behave- passive, active and neutral. Light colors are airy and expansive, giving […]

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Clean, De-Clutter, De-Personalize & Organize for a Quick Sell

Posted by Grady Beck // May 1, 2018 // Sell A House // Cleaning / De-oderize / De-Personalize / Declutter / Home Improvement

When selling your home, appearance is everything. Nothing turns off a potential homebuyer faster than grimy bathrooms, or oily kitchens; therefore, your home is not market ready until you have cleaned, de-cluttered, de-personalized and organized until it sparkles and shines. Gather boxes and a felt market to begin to sort your items. Label the different […]

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