Stage Your Palm Desert Home like a Professional Stager

Stage Your Palm Desert Home like a Professional Stager

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Staged homes sell faster. Staging a home sets the mood for buyers to buy as illusions and ambiance are created. Rooms appear larger, warmer, more comfortable and livable, and potential buyers are better able to visualize themselves living in the home. Learn how to stage like a professional with the following tips from Grady Beck.

Curb Appeal

Every agent, every expert, every real estate guru will tell you curb appeal is essential when selling your Palm Desert home for sale. The moment potential buyers pull up to the curb; your home should attract their attention and offer a welcoming sense that leaves them a desire to see more of the home. Take the time to clean and spruce the exterior of the home and yard and add finishing “homey” touches like a nice welcome mat and a brass knocker on the door. Also, be sure the exterior lighting is sufficient as home buyers will drive past the home at all times of the day and night.


Your entry is as important as the exterior of your home and should be warm and inviting. Add a large mirror, soft lighting and fresh flowers that help to say “welcome home” as home buyers enter the home.

Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colors appeal to more homeowners and your home should be painted in neutral colors throughout. Paint jobs average about $750 to $1K, and you can expect as much as an ROI of $2K, so it is worth sprucing up your home with new paint.

Variety of Styles

Do not have your home decorated all in one style. If you notice when you walk into a model home, there are different styles. For example, if your home is all contemporary furniture, add an antique or two to make the home interesting.

Cover the Blemishes

Cover blemishes in your home. For instance if you have a trap door going down to the basement in your kitchen, place a throw rug over the door, so the area is covered.

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